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Parker casts historic first student vote on President’s Cabinet

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For the first time in Delta State University’s storied history, a student has earned an active voting role in the President’s Cabinet.

On Aug. 22, Allie Rose Parker, president of the Student Government Association, casted her first vote at President William N. LaForge’s weekly cabinet meeting.

“It’s a huge honor for me, and I’m very thankful to be part of a university that places so much responsibility with the student body. I know that’s not something you see every day,” said Parker. “It’s very humbling to have this opportunity, and I’m extremely thankful it’s happening during my years.”

LaForge, who has sworn to an all-inclusive approach during his presidency, said it was a no-brainer to include the SGA president as a voting member of his cabinet. During his inaugural State of the University address in 2013, LaForge announced the first addition of the SGA president on his cabinet as a non-voting member.

“We decided that the student voice should become a student vote as well,” said LaForge. “I think it’s the right thing to do to make sure our students are fully engaged to share in decision making on campus. It’s also the result of a great track record of the SGA presidents who have served during my time at Delta State.

“We are proud to have Allie Rose on board, and we are excited to have her as a voting member,” said LaForge. “I think this will be a more complete way to share the authentic shared governance on campus. I encourage full student participation, and I think we’ll be better off for it.”

Parker first started attending cabinet meetings in June after her election as SGA president.

“It’s really interesting to be part of the meetings and hear ideas bounce off all the important people on campus,” said Rose. “I’m the youngest in the room, so I was a little intimated when I first started attending — but they absolutely include me in everything. They really make sure the students are represented well on the cabinet.”

Parker said having the voting right is a big plus for the student population.

“The cabinet really does try and make the best decisions for the student body, but it’s also really helpful for them to be able to turn to an active student and ask if the student body will like a particular decision,” she said. “I think it’s really helpful for me to provide an opinion reflective of the student body.

“I’m very thankful to the SGA presidents before me who paved the way and gave me this opportunity to vote.”

Delta State now joins Mississippi Valley State University and the University of Southern Mississippi to include student body presidents as voting members of the president’s cabinet.

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Sykes selected for SGA position with IHL

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Delta State University’s Mikel Sykes, president of the Student Government Association, was recently appointed to the vice president position of the Institutions of Higher Learning Student Body Presidents Council.

The state recognition comes on the heels of Sykes’s successful campaign as Delta State’s SGA president — recently becoming the first two-time president in the school’s history.

“I’m really exited about the position,” said Sykes. “We’re thinking that we can work a little bit more with the legislature this year and do some good things for higher education in Mississippi.”

In his role, Sykes will work the IHL to keep the organization updated about the needs of students across the state.

“Our goal is to make the lives of students easier and do whatever we can to better their college experience,” added Sykes. “With this position, I’ll be a little bit more plugged in with what’s going on at the IHL.

Sykes will serve under president Jeffrey George, SGA president from the University of Southern Mississippi. The eight SGA presidents across Mississippi are also welcome to attend monthly IHL meetings in Jackson.

Delta State President William N. LaForge is honored to see Sykes receive the statewide recognition.

“I am very proud that our SGA president, Mikel Sykes, has been selected by his peers from Mississippi institutions to serve as vice president,” said LaForge. “It is very fitting that Mikel serve in this leadership position since he is one of the more senior leaders as a second-term SGA president.”

LaForge is very familiar with the Student Body Presidents Council because he and three former SGA presidents from across Mississippi founded the group in 1971 when LaForge served as Delta State’s SGA president.

“I know Mikel will serve the group with great distinction, and Delta State is extremely proud of him,” added LaForge.

To learn more about the IHL, visit http://www.ihl.state.ms.us.



Hall of Fame inductees honored Friday

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Delta State University will honor its newest members of the Student Hall of Fame with a special ceremony Friday. The annual program began in 1972 to recognize outstanding students who have made exceptional achievements in all phases of college life.

Induction is the single highest honor bestowed upon any student at the university. A maximum of eight students comprise the inductees each year. Selections are made by a committee of students, faculty and staff appointed by university deans and vice-presidents.

This year’s inductees include: Sydney Elaine Hodnett, Shelby Elaine McIntire, Alex Crosby, Dave Triplett, Amy Suzanne Scott, Victoria Holland Jenkins, Mason D. McAnally and Michael Fair.

Also being announced is the annual Blansett Award. The Student Government Association presents this award for outstanding leadership, service and dedication to the students of Delta State.

This year’s recipients are Justin Badon and Anderson R. Brown.

The award was established in 1999-2000 in honor of Wayne Blansett, Student Government Advisor for 16 years, for his exemplary leadership and dedication to the students.