Delta State’s Division of Division of Accountancy, Computer Information Systems, and Finance Included in IHL Press Release About Mississippi Public Universities Preparing Accounting Workforce

Delta State University’s Division of Division of Accountancy, Computer Information Systems, and Finance was included in a press release from the Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning on Dec. 2, 2019, about how Mississippi Public Universities are preparing the accounting workforce.

“Keeping track of the finances is critical in any size operation, public, private, for-profit, and non-profit. Financial resources provide the foundation for the organization to achieve its goal and fulfill its mission. Mississippi public universities are preparing the accounting workforce to help all Mississippi businesses and organizations keep track of their finances,” the press release begins. It then cites successes at seven campuses, including at Delta State.

“Accounting is a historically strong academic area at Delta State University,” the relevant portion reads, “and is part of the Division of Accountancy, Computer Information Systems, and Finance. Businesses of all sizes across the state seek DSU accounting graduates for their skill and dedication to the profession. DSU accountancy graduates also work in regional, national, and international businesses and CPA firms. Many graduates find jobs in cost, tax, governmental, and managerial accounting. The program covers the five major areas of accountancy required for the CPA exam at the undergraduate level and offers a Master of Professional Accountancy degree.”

To read the press release, click here.

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