Delta State contracts with PepsiCo for campus beverage services

By February 14, 2018IHL

Delta State University recently announced PepsiCo as its new beverage vendor of choice for the next five years, pending finalized contracts and approval by the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning.

Delta State expects to bring the item to the Board at its March meeting.

PepsisCo is one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies with over $63 billion in net revenue in 2016 and a global portfolio of diverse and beloved brands.

A university committee recommended PepsiCo following a detailed analysis of corporate options. The recommendation letter stated, “We feel that PepsiCo presented a commitment to bring first class service, product and equipment innovation, program support and a strong significant and sustainable financial package.”

Delta State University President William N. LaForge said he was looking forward to the numerous opportunities the contract will provide.

“I am pleased with the recommendation of our task force, and the decision of our Executive Committee, to enter into a contract with PepsiCo for our new beverage services on campus,” said LaForge. “PepsiCo will provide a large array of services and benefits, including an extensive line of beverages that students like, a significant increase of revenue from commissions, a special partnership with Gatorade for our athletic programs, card reader machines campus-wide for convenience of purchase, and a number of student engagement events and promotional programs on campus for the next several years.”

Pepsi will provide Delta State the opportunity to move forward in the numerous ways, including:

◦  Varied product selections with a beverage portfolio that comprises 22 brands and includes many healthy lifestyle options and protein beverages
◦  A premier partnership with Gatorade and DSU Athletics that offers support, equipment and educational resources
◦  Student engagement by providing multiple promotional campus events at no cost to the university
◦  Partnership with a company that has extensive experience and a strong national presence in 800+ colleges and universities

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