Commercial Aviation hosts two events

Delta State University’s Department of Commercial Aviation held its biannual Aviation Advisory Committee (AAC) meeting on Aug. 22.

The purpose of the AAC is to advise the CAV department of trends and skills necessary for Delta State’s aviation graduates to be successful in the field.

“Though the meetings are biannual, electronic meetings are held throughout the academic year,” said Dr. Julie Speakes, chair of the Department of Commercial Aviation. “Friday’s meeting attendees included faculty and staff and representatives from FedEx, the Federal Aviation Administration, Cleveland Municipal Airport and South Lafourche Leonard Miller Jr. Airport.”

Among the topics discussed were: the creation of internship opportunities for students; methods for incorporating viable skills into the classroom; the use of electronic charts in the airplane cockpit; the upcoming accreditation visit by the Aviation Accreditation Board International; and the introduction of two new aviation faculty members, Dr. Melaku Tadesse and Dr. Amit Verma.

The AAC is scheduled for its next meeting April 17, 2015 in accordance with Delta State’s Aviation Open House.

In addition to the AAC meeting, the aviation professional fraternity Alpha Eta Rho hosted its biannual Welcome Back Cookout. The cookout was open to current students and alumni.

Students had the opportunity to interact with members of the AAC.

“It’s great to get feedback from our Aviation Advisory Council about curriculum and changes in the industry,” said Speakes. “It’s a bonus that advisory members mentor and attend student events.”

The Delta State University Flight Operations degree provides stu­dents with the knowledge and skills to pursue a professional pilot career. Through a combination of both classroom and flight training, students will acquire the fol­lowing certificates and ratings: Private Pilot In­strument Multi-engine, Commercial, Certified Flight Instructor and Certified Instrument Flight Instructor. Training culminates in a Bachelor of Commercial Aviation degree within four years.

Similarly, the Aviation Management degree prepares students for supervisory and managerial responsi­bilities at all levels in the aviation field — including the airlines, air traffic control and military avia­tion.

This semester, the department is offering a new Aviation Management Logistics track. This program is designed to prepare aviation management students in complex operations of transportation and distribution of goods.

The Master of Commercial Aviation program provides students with a focused understanding of aviation concepts and operations. This 30-hour program is oriented towards aviation management and aviation education and is taught completely online.

For more information, visit, or by phone at 662-846-4205 or email


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