Loper selected as Employee of the Month

By June 9, 2014Staff Council

The Delta State University Staff Council recently honored Rhonda Loper as the May 2014 Employee of the Month. Loper began working at Delta State in October of 2012 as a research and information specialist in the office of Institutional Research & Planning.

In 2009, she enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Studies program at Delta State and graduated with magna cum laude honors in December of 2011. Loper is currently working on her master’s degree in community development at Delta State.

As a pastor’s wife and mother of two young adults, she leads a busy, yet fulfilled life. Her hobbies include reading, art and writing. She spends part of her time presenting her motivational speech “I Found my Voice” across the Delta State campus. The purpose of this presentation is to encourage students to become civically engaged both on and off campus. This project was birthed in the community development program, yet soon became part of her job responsibilities.

Employee of the Month distinction is given to a staff member who has provided service at Delta State that is considered over and beyond those duties outlined in his or her job description. Nominations are submitted by colleagues on campus.

Each winner receives a plaque, monetary award, WalMart gift card from the Student Government Association, an engraved insulated coffee mug, a free parking decal courtesy of the Campus Police Department, a box of treats from The Sweetery, a parking spot of their choice, two Okra gift cards (one from Athletics and one from a private donor), marquee announcement and website recognition.
For an archived list of previous Employee of the Month winners, visit http://www.deltastate.edu/about-dsu/administration/staff-council/staff-council-employee-of-the-month/employee-of-the-month-archives/
Delta State’s Staff Council serves as a liaison between the administration and the staff to provide a formal process for staff to discuss issues involving university policies and procedures and to forward ideas, recommendations and opinions to the president.

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