Delta State prepares for orientation sessions

By May 21, 2014Students

Orientation leaders at Delta State University are preparing for over 1,000 attendants during this year’s summer sessions. This summer’s group of leaders is winding up their training course to help lead incoming students and their parents.

The course covers everything from academics, campus services, university history, facilities, student life and more. The leaders chose this year’s classic playful theme and developed a supporting skit to perform during each session.

“The theme for this year is ‘OKRA of OZ.’ It is going to be lots of fun,” said Caroline Womack, orientation leader. “Hopefully everyone will enjoy the skit, especially the ending.”

Sessions will include appearances by the Okra, Statesman and President William N. LaForge to enhance the theme’s spirit of our Emerald City — Delta State University. Department chairs representing numerous areas on campus will address parents, while orientation leaders will advise to students on topics to help make their arrival in August an easy and smooth transition.

“The orientation team works closely with many departments on campus. The group is headed by student director Brooks Bishop and assistant student director Katelyn Cheatham,” said Elsie Lynn Ervin, director of student life/orientation. “They are both very involved students on our campus with the experience and passion for Delta State to make these sessions an exciting time for our new students.”

Cheatham said she was looking forward to being a guiding light for Delta State’s latest campus contributors.

“Summer orientation sessions are an exciting time for new Delta State students, but also for the orientation leaders who have been working since January to assist students and parents for many successful years ahead,” said Cheatham. “We get to use the leadership skills we have developed at Delta State to assist each other, but also to encourage new students to strive for this position in their future, to have fun on their first visit and to be inspired by the Delta State family and all of its contributions to our students and community.”

The dates for freshman sessions are June 17-18, June 25-26 and July 15-16. Transfer students will attend programs on June 20 and July 8. Numerous applications are received daily, so attendees are encouraged to reserve a spot at

“The goal of orientation is to familiarize incoming students and their parents with Delta State’s policies and procedures and to introduce them to campus life where their peers, professors and mentors are always here to help,” said Ervin. “Don Allan Mitchell, assistant professor of English, will give students tips on faculty expectations, classroom success, study behaviors and more, while Clint Wood, professor and department chair of Accounting, CIS, and Finance will advise parents on ways to help their student prepare for and be successful in college.

“Don Allan and Clint do an amazing job of preparing students and parents on being academically successful at Delta State. They cover all of the areas that the faculty need presented before the students and parents even arrive to embark on their academic journey here at Delta State.”

For more information about Delta State orientation, please contact Elsie Lynn Ervin at 662-846-4666 or

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