New president set to jam

As the new leader of Delta State University, President William N. LaForge feels that it’s imperative to get involved in the lives of the student body. One way he has chosen to do this is through a jam session, planned in conjunction with the Delta Music Institute.

The “Jam Session with the President” is scheduled for Oct. 27 at 7 p.m. in the DMI Whitfield building, Studio A.

LaForge said, “Music has been a big part of my life,” as he plans to use this opportunity to showcase the DMI to other universities, while also encouraging students in their pursuit of a degree in the music industry.

“I wanted to make sure our students heard what good music sounds like,” LaForge said.

The session will consist of a playlist of 60s rock and roll songs by some of the president’s favorite bands, such as the Beatles, Eagles and America. The performance will be open to the public with free admission. Open mic routines will also be available.

“We invite any family and friends of the president to participate in the jam as well,” said Trisha Walker, DMI director. “The playlist he has chosen is sure to be familiar and entertaining for everyone in the audience.”

Some of his favorite songs to be performed include: “Horse With No Name” by America; “Reeling and Rocking” by Chuck Berry; “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison; “Louie Louie” by the Kingsmen; “Lying Eyes” by the Eagles; “Hey Jude” by the Beatles; and many more.

The president has already exhibited his passion for music by performing at previous DMI festivities. “He’s certainly not shy,” Walker added.

LaForge is not the only one looking forward to the jam session, as students are also awaiting the fun affair.

“He seems genuinely concerned and interested in us, both as individuals and as musicians as well,” said Lesley Wayne, a sophomore DMI student.

LaForge agreed to the show because of his personal love of music and the large role it has played in his life. He has attended dozens of noteworthy concerts since his teenage years and has documented each one for his personal records.

The list includes Simon and Garfunkel’s reunion concert in Central Park, the final performance of the Beatles in San Francisco, The Doors, Johnny Cash, Elvis, James Taylor, and even the Rolling Stones. The list reaches nearly 100 concerts in total, all of which he recalls with great detail.

Walker hopes for a good turnout for the event, adding that it will be a great way to celebrate during inauguration week. For a full schedule of inauguration activities, visit

— All inauguration events are funded through private support to the Delta State University Foundation. No university funds are being used during the week of activities.

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