The Department of Counselor Education is sponsoring a workshop entitled “The FBI’s Civil Rights Program: Color of Law and Hate Crimes,” scheduled for Oct. 15 at 5:30 p.m. in the Jacob Conference Center in Ewing Hall.

Special Agents Bradley Hentschel and Jeffery Artis of the Federal Bureau of Investigation will focus on civil rights statutes and their enforcement.

They will also discuss what classifies as a civil rights violation and provide updates on some local investigations of interest.

“In our program, we want our students to be advocates and know what to do when they recognize hate crimes,” said Dr. Mistie Barnes, assistant professor of counselor education. “Advocacy is a big part of being a counselor and being able to assist clients.

“We look forward to exposing our students to speakers and information that we don’t normally have access to.”

Mental health clinicians, students, law enforcement, Delta State faculty, medical personnel and all concerned citizens are invited to attend this special event.

Learn more about the Delta State Department of Counselor Education at

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