Experience MatheMagic! at the Bologna Performing Arts Center

On Oct. 30 at the Bologna Performing Arts Center, schools and families will have the opportunity to experience the power of math and the mystery of magic as the two combine in Bradley Fields’ MatheMagic!® 

Internationally acclaimed magician and educator Bradley Fields captivates students with his famous magic illusions and turns them on to the history, power and beauty of the language of math. By integrating math concepts with vocabulary, geography, history and everyday problem-solving, students with different interests, abilities and learning styles are able to relate to math in new ways.

MatheMagic!will transport audiences back to ancient times to meet Imhotep the Magician (whose secret was really math), Zeno (whose paradoxes inspired Newton) and, of course, Pythagorous and his famous theorem. Students of all ages will leave the theater enthralled with a renewed sense of wonder, and the enthusiasm to discover the Magic of Math.

MatheMagic!, sponsored by Monsanto and presented at the Bologna Performing Arts Center,  offers two opportunities for families and school groups to experience the fun of magic and the wonders of math. The 9:30 a.m. performance is recommended for kindergarten – 3rd grade students, and the 11:30 a.m. performance is best suited for 4th – 8th grade students.

To reserve tickets for your family or school group, please call the BPAC Arts Education Department at 662-846-4844.

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