Delta State Alumni Association makes presentation at graduation practice

By December 14, 2012General
Jordan Thomas and Cheryl Oleis
The Delta State University Alumni Association made an appearance at today’s graduation practice. Jeffrey Farris, director of alumni affairs, spoke to this year’s graduating class about the Alumni Association.
“The Class of 2012 will have a longer alumni experience than they will a student experience. The transition from student to an alumnus basically takes place overnight,” said Farris. “It’s vital to the life of the Alumni Association that we stay in front of our student body during their student experience.”
Farris, along with Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs Jordan Thomas and Senior Alumni Secretary Cheryl Oleis, gave the students information about programs and services that the Alumni Association offers. The graduates were encouraged to get involved in their local chapter, wherever that may be, to support the program’s affinity programs, and to attend the association’s signature events.

The Alumni Association had a table set up in the back of the coliseum with handouts and magazines for the students to stop by and take with them on their way out. The Association strives to continue to have a presence at campus events. To view the Alumni Association’s presentation at Graduation practice, click here

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