School Information

Registration (Deadline November 12, 2021)

Each school must submit a School Registration form to the Region III Office no later than November 12, 2021 to secure your schools attendance at the Lower or Upper Region III Fairs.   The information page, SRC Committee, and IRB Committee pages must be completed properly in order for Region III to accept the form.  School Registration forms must be submitted electronically through the link below.

Event Plans

At this time, we are planning to hosts FACE TO FACE Regional Science Fairs for Upper and Lower age groups.  All participants must be required to wear a mask throughout their time on our campus, including during the judging and awards process.  Anyone that refuses to do so, may not attend.

Due to COVID protocols changing daily, the capabilities of a virtual regional fair are being planned as a back up.  Virtual fairs will require video submission of the students project information to be used for judging purposes.  The decision to move to a virtual fair will be made when the campus returns from holiday break in early January 2022.

Participant Fees

Each participant project submission will cost $30.00 per student.   A team project is $30 per team member.  A t-shirt will be included in this year’s participation fee.  If the event is moved to a virtual setting, the t-shirts will be mailed to the schools for distribution.

The $30 per participant must be paid on the due date of project registration for the Upper and Lower Fairs.   Payments may be mailed at DSU Continuing Education, ATTN: Region III Science Fair, 239 Kent Wyatt Hall, Cleveland, MS 38733 OR dropped off at our office location at 239 Kent Wyatt Hall.   If the fee is being paid by the district, you may email the paperwork with the PO# to us at by the student registration paperwork deadline.   You, as the key teacher, are responsible for making sure the district receives the invoice for payment and that the check is cut and mailed to our office.

Project Categories

Projects must fall under the following categories at the school, regional, and state fairs:

  • Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Animal Sciences
  • Biomedical and Health Sciences
  • Microbiology
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Mathematics and Systems Software
  • Robotics and Intelligent Machines
  • Plant Sciences
  • Project Category Details:   A complete list and full description of Project categories

Display and Safety Guidelines

Students must follow the Display and Safety rules on their boards and during judging at the regional fair.  It is best to require these same rules for your school fair. All project must be approved by the Display and Safety committee prior to judging on the day of the regional fair.

Project Judging

Each project will be judged IN PERSON during the regional fair by at least two judges.  Those judges may visit the participant together or individually to complete their general project judging.  Projects judged for special awards or best of fair may be seen by more than two judges.

Please view the judging rubric below to assist your students on what needs to be discussed during the judging process.


Awards will be announced during an awards ceremony at the end of the day, once all judging is complete. Awards are given in 1st – 3rd place for each class and category.  Special awards from outside organizations and Best of Fair awards may also be given.  Those receiving 1st-3rd place in their category in 7th-12th grades will advance to the State Fair on April 5, 2022 in Hattiesburg, MS.  Best of Fair winners may receive advancement to the International Science Fair in Atlanta, GA on May 8 – 13, 2022.

How to Implement a Science Fair

Do you need assistance or information on how to implement a science fair in your school or at home?   Please follow the link below for details that can help you as a teacher, parent, or student during the science fair process.

*All participants, judges, administrators and teachers WILL BE REQUIRED to follow DSU COVID PROTOCOLS at all times during the Face to Face Regional Fairs on February 23 and March 23.   Everyone must understand that these guidelines can change at any time before the event.   EVERYONE is REQUIRED to wear a face mask while on campus at all times!