Clinical Experience, Licensure and Accountability

The Role of the University Supervisor

The university supervisor provides the link between the university and the participating school districts. The university supervisor is involved in orientation, supervision, evaluation, and overall concern for the program.

Individualized teacher intern programs are managed by university supervisors who are trained in the Teacher Intern Assessment Instrument (TIAI) and the Impact on Student Learning (ISL) and are experienced in various fields of specialization. All elementary teacher interns are under the direct supervision of staff members who have specialized in elementary education.

Every subject matter department in the university with curricula in teacher education provides at least one supervisor to work with the teacher interns from the intern’s department.

The university supervisor is expected to visit each teacher intern a minimum of five times while the student is actually teaching a class. The university supervisor has the responsibility for evaluating the teacher intern using the TIAI scoring guide and the ISL rubrics. Through observations of the teacher intern engaged in instruction, the university supervisor provides feedback to ensure that the teacher intern passes all parts of the TIAI. In some cases, a teacher intern may pass all the indicators during one visit, while other teacher interns may require further observations to complete all the indicators. Additional visits will be made to continue to provide feedback to the teacher intern. Lesson plans and records of work are checked on each visit. Requests for observation of specific lessons may be made at any time by the cooperating teacher or teacher intern. The cooperating teacher or teacher intern may call for a conference with the university supervisor when the need arises.

Lesson Plans for the Teacher Intern

Each teacher intern must use an approved lesson plan guide for lesson planning and copies of the plan should be available to the university supervisor on each visit. If the university supervisor should arrive in the middle of a lesson, he/she should ask for the lesson plans at the end of the period so that the teacher intern and the lesson are not disrupted. All lesson plans should contain the following:

Main ideas

1.  Objectives
2.  Learning Activities and Procedures
3.  Materials
4.  Evaluation

University Supervisor Responsibilities and Forms

  1. Read the Teacher Education Handbook and plan to attend scheduled Supervisor trainings regarding supervision of teacher interns, TIAI, ISL, and Task Stream.

ISL Direction
ISL Rubric

  1. Meet with teacher interns when they are on campus for seminars at the beginning of the semester to clarify expectations, responsibilities, etc.  Emphasize appropriate methods of communication to be used between the supervisor and teacher intern (preference of emails, phones, fax, etc.
  1. Make initial contact with all cooperating teachers within the first week of internship whether through email or phone calls to ensure good communication throughout the semester.
  1. Visit teacher intern at least once within the first 3 weeks of internship to evaluate the teaching of a lesson. Use the TIAI scoring guide to evaluate the lesson and provide written and oral feedback to the teacher intern after the lesson.

TIAI Scoring Guide
TIAI – Indicators only

  1. During visits to the teacher intern, the DSU supervisor and the cooperating teacher should conference and share information on evaluation results and the teacher intern’s teaching performance, personal responsibilities, and professional development.
  1. Direct the preparation of the TIAI unit and ISL, schedule consecutive dates for teaching the unit, and verify approval of the TIAI unit by the cooperating teacher before allowing the teacher intern to begin teaching the unit.


  1. Evaluate the teacher intern during the teaching of the TIAI unit using the TIAI scoring guide. Conference with the teacher intern concerning the results of the lesson taught. The TIAI evaluation will need to be submitted on TASK STREAM by the first of December and the first of May along with the other four evaluations.

TIAI Scoring Guide
TIAI – Indicators only

  1. Evaluate your teacher interns’ dispositions and submit the evaluation on Task Stream by the first of December and the first of May.


  1. Submit the final grade for the teacher intern on MyDSU by the final grade due date each December or May.