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The Madison Center for Civic Engagement and History is an interdisciplinary academic agency that serves the Delta State University community as well as the wider Mississippi Delta region. It is dedicated to promoting civic engagement and historical understanding by supporting educational programming in the social sciences and humanities, providing straightforward micro-grants to students and faculty across the university, and organizing the annual Constitution Week Lecture Series each fall. The Center is focused on providing open access to information that will help students, scholars, and members of the community understand their place in society and how it can change—and indeed has changed—with awareness, knowledge, and engagement. From books and reproduction fees to public lectures and guest speakers, The Madison Center offers financial assistance to members of the Delta State community who seek to introduce new ideas about the future of the “American Experiment” and renegotiate the paths that brought to where we are today.

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Dr. Andrew N. Wegmann

Director of the Madison Center


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