It is the Delta State University Art Department’s purpose to provide opportunities for intellectual and artistic development for its students. We strive to facilitate a diverse student body with a wide range of goals and perspectives. The students will prepare for successful careers in the visual arts including art educators for elementary and secondary schools, pursuing advanced studies at the graduate level, in addition to students who wish to take art for its aesthetic and cultural values. Students’ personal development leads to participation in exhibitions, internships and lifelong learning.

The art department is committed to maintaining a current curriculum based in traditional art practices with a solid foundation of art history and new technologies. Students develop technical abilities and problem solving skills to make them competitive and adaptive in ever-changing art fields in a safe and nurturing environment. Seeking to educate art majors, non-majors and local community members they are exposed through a diverse offering of coursework, collaboration, guest artists, lecturers, field trips and class projects.

We will develop and promote an environment of artistic achievement and cultural awareness through presenting the broadest possible range of learning experiences for our students while contributing to the cultural enrichment of life in our community through the arts and arts education.


We envision that DSU is recognized as the leading art institution in Mississippi and the region, with premiere facilities and diverse faculty. Students excelling in their chosen media become leaders in their fields and promote art as an important cultural resource.

We strive to develop our students’ technical and conceptual engagement with traditional and contemporary art practices. Our aim is to maintain a rigorous curriculum structured to accommodate students coming from the Mississippi Delta, across the country, and internationally by fostering learning through annually organized national and international field trips and study abroad programs. The department serves the local community through exposure to the arts and the development of future generations of teachers and creative problems solvers.

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Cetin “Chet” Oguz – Department Chair

Kendra Whitehead – Administrative Assistant                                                  kwhitehead@deltastate.edu                                                                     662.846.4720