Upper Fair (7th – 12th Grade)

2020 Region III Upper Fair Date:  Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Registration Process for School and Students

Once a school has completed their local school fair,  they must complete the Student Registration form and all required project forms for any student that will be attending the Region III Science Fair.   Each school has the option to bring 1st – 6th place in each grade (7th – 12th) and each of the 13 science categories.  That means that there is the potential to bring 78 students per grade for your school, if approval is granted by your administration.  The upper fair is divided into three classes: Class 3 (7th-8th grades), Class 4 (9th-10th grades), Class 5 (11th-12th grades).  Each participant will be judged against their peers in their class and category.

Follow the steps below to register your school and upper fair students for the Region III Fair.

STEP 1: School Registration (Deadline November 7, 2020)

Each school must submit a school registration form to the Region III office no later than November 9, 2018 to secure your schools attendance at the Upper Region III Fair.  The School Information page, SRC Committee page, and IRB Committee page must be completed properly in order for Region III to accept the forms.  School Registration forms must be emailed, mailed, or dropped off to the Region III Office no later than the deadline listed above.

  • School Registration Form

STEP 2: Student Registration (Deadline January 22, 2020)

A student registration form, abstract, form 1, 1A, 1B, and a research plan must be completed for each student attending the Region III Upper Fair.

Required forms for the Upper Fair students (Grades 7th – 12th) are:

  • Upper Student Registration Form
  • Upper Fair Abstract Form
  • Form 1
  • Form 1A
  • Form 1B
  • Research Plan (see Form 1A page 2 for more details)

*Handwritten abstracts WILL NOT be accepted!  All abstracts must be typed on a separate sheet of paper.

STEP 3: Additional Forms (Due with Student Registration Required Forms)

Students may be required to completed “additional forms” based on the nature of the project.   Please view the Additional Form list below to determine if and when one of these forms is needed.

  • Form 1C – Research Institution
  • Form 2 – Qualified Scientist
  • Form 3 – Risk Assessment
  • Form 4 – Human Participants
  • Form 5 – Vertebrate Animal
  • Form 6A – Hazardous Agents
  • Form 6B – Human Vertebrate/Animal tissue
  • Form 7 -Continuation Project

*Please notice date details on ALL Upper Fair Forms (1 – 7).  Some forms and dates must be filled in “Prior to Experimentation”.