About Our E-Learning Program

Delta State University’s E-Learning program is an interactive system for delivering courses from Delta State University to K-12 schools. Courses are delivered through a synchronous, two-way, audio/video (internet based) system by Master Teachers who are fully certified in their subject areas by the Mississippi Department of Education.

Delta State currently operates four teaching studios. Policies and procedures are developed through a partnership between Mississippi Public Broadcasting, Delta State, and school district representatives.

The schools provide classroom space, e-mentors, on-site technical support, and textbooks. Delta State’s E-Learning program provides the teacher, technical assistance, and instructional support materials.

Components of the E-Learning Program include the following:

  • Fully certified faculty providing instruction in courses
  • Appropriate staff to ensure efficient operation and sufficient technology support
  • State-of-the-art equipment for operations and broadcasts
  • Training for Center faculty/staff and district personnel
  • Collaborative structures to foster strong communication among districts, university personnel and staff
  • Dual enrollment is offered to high school students who wish to earn college credit

Program Objectives:

  • To offer the classes needed to meet college admissions requirements
  • To provide school districts an opportunity to offer advanced electives and fine arts that they would otherwise not be able to offer due to lack of qualified personnel and financial limitations.
  • To incorporate new technology into the everyday curriculum of the state’s high schools
  • To encourage critical and individual thinking skills
  • To foster strong communication among district

Program Offerings:

The E-learning Program currently offers Spanish I, Spanish II, Visual Arts I, Physics, and Science.

For more information on the E-learning Program at Delta State University contact:

Anjanette Powers, Program Director
phone: (662) 846-4405
email: apowers@deltastate.edu

The E-Learning Program began as a pilot program during the 2004 – 2005 school year. Delta State University received a Phil Hardin Grant to begin the program. Due to the success of the pilot year, Institutes of Higher Learning and the Mississippi State Legislature continued to fund the program the following year. The program expanded to five schools with one instructor. The Legislature saw the importance of the program to the state’s high schools and continued to fund the growing program. The E-Learning Program has continued to add high schools in providing the highest quality education available to their students.






2004 – 2005 2 75 1 Spanish I & Spanish II
2005 – 2006 5 208 1 Spanish I & Spanish II
2006 – 2007 14 283 2 Spanish I & Spanish II
2007 – 2008 20 338 2 Spanish I & Spanish II
2008 – 2009 22 440 3 Spanish I, Spanish II & Art
 2009 – 2010  29 634 4  Spanish I, Spanish II, Art & Physics
 2010 – 2011 27 641 5  Spanish I, Spanish II, Art, Physics & Physical Science
 2011 – 2012 27 556 4  Art I, Spanish I, Spanish II, Physics & Physical Science
 2012 – 2013  31 741 4 Art I, Spanish I, Spanish II, Elementary Spanish, Physics & Physical Science
 2013 – 2014  26 636 4  Art I, Spanish I, Spanish II, Physics & Physical Science
 2014 – 2015  29 846 5  Art I, Spanish I, Spanish II, Physics & Physical Science
2015 – 2016 25 4 Art I, Spanish I & Spanish II
2016 – 2017
2017 – 2018 22 706 4 Spanish I, Spanish II, Physics, Physical and Art I

Maria Correa, Spanish I and II

Catherine Koehler, Art I

Deborah Mitchell, Physics and Physical Science

Calli Pinkerton, Spanish I

Participating Schools

  • Ashland
  • Broad Street
  • Clarksdale
  • Coffeeville
  • East Webster
  • Ethel
  • Eupora
  • Holly Springs
  • Holmes County
  • Houlka
  • Jefferson County
  • JFK
  • Madison S. Palmer
  • McAdams
  • MSB
  • Okolona
  • Philadelphia
  • Port Gibson
  • Ray Brooks
  • Richton
  • West Bolivar
  • Wilkinson County