Diversity Champion Award

Georgene Clark Diversity Champion Award

2022 Winner – Iya-Marie Turner

At the 2015 Winning the Race Conference, the inaugural Delta State Diversity Champion Award was given to and named for Professor Georgene Clark. This award honors a Delta State student, faculty, staff, administrator, campus organization or department who demonstrate a commitment to diversity in the areas of teaching/scholarship, service and leadership. The Diversity Advisory Committee evaluates nominees based on the following seven principles:

Unifywe are one society
Personifygender is only a word
Identifyyou love who you love
Testifyspeak for your beliefs

Dignifywe are all capable
Diversifyif we don’t, who will?
Exemplifysee beyond black and white

Past Winners

2021 – Dr. Todd Davis
2019 – Linda Stringfellow
2018 – Sofiya Dahman
2017 – Dr. Garry Jennings
2016 – Delta Center for Culture and Learning
2015 – Professor Georgene Clark

Georgene Clark

Professor Clark’s commitment to diversity and social justice goes back to before her years at Delta State. A native of the Mississippi Delta, she was involved with local civil rights activism as a teen and young adult. At Delta State, she was a professor of English known for her exemplary teaching and the way she reached all students. Professor Clark was instrumental in the formation and leadership of the Diversity Advisory Committee, which works to promote a more inclusive campus environment.

In 2014, President William N. LaForge called upon Professor Clark to co-chair the first Winning the Race Conference. Although Professor Clark is now retired, she is still an active participant on the Winning the Race planning committee. She remains a dynamic presence on campus even though her grandson, an accomplished high school senior, keeps her very busy. We are grateful for her efforts, leadership and her passion for diversity at Delta State.