Todd DavisDeciding on where to attend college can be extremely exhausting, and a very complicated decision. Determining what you want to do for the rest of your life is even more overwhelming. Thankfully, Delta State University is here. With amazing faculty, facilities, and programs, Delta State is a place where you learn about yourself, and be highly involved in academic programs which will enhance your opportunity to attain placement in the job market. 

Growing up in North Idaho, I studied physical education at the University of Idaho. After teaching elementary children for 5 years, I decided to earn a Masters in Sport and Recreation Administration, again from the University of Idaho. I then worked in public parks and recreation for a year before deciding that a Doctorate Degree was something I wanted to attain. I searched for universities all over the country which would be large enough to be nationally recognized, but small enough where I could make a difference and be someone and not just another student. I found this, and more at Delta State.

Delta State has amazing opportunities for students to grow and learn new things. From an active outdoor recreation program to a competitive intramural program, students have abundant opportunities to backpack, kayak, rock climb, and whitewater raft. In addition, the intramural recreation program offers over 26 individual and team sports to continue a healthy and active lifestyle.

At Delta State, students matter, you matter, and that is an important component when deciding where to go to college.