Scott Alan Hutchens, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Chair, Division of Counselor Education & Psychology

I came to Delta State University in 1998 when I was only 26-years old with a freshly printed diploma. In fact, I think the ink was still wet! Delta State was my first faculty position after graduating with a doctoral degree in Experimental Psychology from Texas Tech University. I had never been to Mississippi before my DSU interview and had never heard of the Delta or Delta State University. Basically, when you are starting out like I was, you go wherever there‘s a job. However, Delta State and the College of Education quickly became more than just a job. It became a home! Delta State is a wonderful university that gives everyone, faculty and students alike, a chance to excel and provides them with the support they need to develop professionally and personally. I enjoy the family-like atmosphere of Delta State and the friendliness of the faculty, staff, and students. Most importantly, Delta State has the facilities, technology, dedicated faculty and challenging curriculum that is needed for students to explore their interests and expand their knowledge base in order to develop a promising career. Delta State is my home away from home.