WTR Poster Competition

This year our poster competition will focus on the evolution of diversity, equity, and inclusion in different fields of study.  A total of 15 student posters will be accepted, and each college is encouraged to promote student submissions in at least one category.  Only a select number of presentations will be accepted from each college to promote inclusivity and fairness to all students.  There will be two areas of submission: Research Study Poster & Research Presentation Poster.

The submission deadline has been extended to March 4 at 5 PM.

Complete and submit the required poster presenter form no later than 5pm, February 22, 2022. Be sure to complete the form in its entirety including the name(s) of all presenters and the topic to which your project most closely aligns (Research Study or Research Presentation). Collaborative work between Delta State University faculty and students is strongly encouraged and preferred. Collaborative work across institutions is also encouraged; however, all lead authors/presenters must be affiliated with Delta State University. At least one author/presenter must be a student at Delta State University.

Confirmation of receipt of abstract will be emailed to all lead authors/presenters by February 23, 2022. Letters of acceptance will be emailed no later than February 25, 2022. Accepted presenters MUST register for the conference to participate in the poster competition. 2022 poster submissions must include original research not previously presented at Winning the Race.  Printed posters will be sponsored for accepted proposals.

The Research Study poster presentation should include a statement of the problem, objectives of the project or research, the methodology used to solve the problem or implement the program, the major findings or outcomes and their significance, and a conclusion. There should be logical research sequence: i.e., introduction (research questions/hypotheses), development (data collection/analysis), and conclusion. The conclusion(s) should be related to the project findings.

The Research Presentation poster should include an introduction of your topic, objectives of the research, a review of the literature regarding your topic, implications for the profession based on your research, and a conclusion.

Posters will be setup in the Bologna Performing Arts Center on March 28, 2022. Awards will be announced on March 29, 2022. If the conference is impacted by COVID-19, the posters will be moved to a virtual format and instructions will be provided for how that transition will take place.

Questions or Concerns: Please contact Dr. Natasha Barnes at nbarnes@deltastate.edu.

Poster Competition Registeration

Thank you for your interest in presenting a poster for the 2022 Winning the Race Conference Poster Competition. Registration is now closed.