International Student Association

Kimberly Trotter
Assistant Advisor
Union 308
DSU Box 3232
Cleveland, MS 38733
P: 662.846.4574
F: 662.846.4580

International Student Association (ISA)

Mission: to create the best possible environment for every international student, provide assistance, and integrate international students with DSU students, faculty, staff, and community.

All current international students are members of the International Student Association. ISA organizes fun events that promote cross-cultural awareness to bridge the gap between international and local students. One of the signature events is the “Taste of the Nations” food fest, held each March during International Student Month, and international students prepare displays, presentations, and food from their home countries. ISA also holds monthly meetings that allow international students to fellowship and receive important information such as: upcoming local and campus events, off/on-campus employment regulations, maintaining immigration status, banking and much more.

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