SGA Student Senate

Student Senate

The Student Senate makes up the legislative branch of the Student Government. Tackling issues like Residence Hall visitation, cafeteria quality, and other student issues, the Senate is a very distinguishing and rewarding way to make a difference on campus. The Vice President of SGA serves as the President of the Student Senate. Senators are appointed to hold a seat representing one area of campus; the seats are listed below:

  • 1 representative for the College of Arts and Sciences;
  • 1 representative for the College of Business and Aviation;
  • 1 representative for the College of Education and Human Sciences;
  • 1 representative for the Robert E. Smith School of Nursing;
  • 2 representatives for those living in any of Delta State University’s dorms;
  • 2 representatives for commuting students;
  • 1 representative for Panhellenic organizations;
  • 1 representative for organizations under the Interfraternity Council;
  • 2 representatives for organizations under the National Pan-Hellenic Council, which shall be one male and one female;
  • 3 representatives for other student organizations;
  • 1 representative for international students;
  • 1 representative for nontraditional and/or graduate students;
  • 3 “campus-wide” representatives for any full-time DSU students; and
  • 5 representatives to be appointed in the Fall semester for new students.

2022-2023 Senators

Madison Lavoie, SGA Vice- President
Hannah Ashley
Dannika Johnson
Marquaja Murry
Jordon Kloth
Evelyn Greer
Tierra Sanders
Helena Hall
Amarri Harris

Nicholas Bobo
Carly Marsh
Abbey Alexander
Jillian Prigmore
Takiyah Alford
Kaitlyn Cagle
Zach Doyle
Allena Griffin
Joseph Anderson

Alexander Saunders
Siria Dibe
Mikheil Zurabashvili
Emma Haley
Mikayla Kloth
Tibreshia Jones
Kyryam Molina
Tiko Jones