In keeping with State Statute (Section 25-3-41) of the Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated, Delta State University, as a State Institution, will make reimbursement to any officer or employee who is required to travel in the discharge of official duties to the extent of actual, ordinary and necessary costs incurred within those limitations imposed by state law, contractual agreements, or the administrative policies of the University.








Lodging expenses will vary with the area traveled but all expenditures must be necessary and reasonable. Primary responsibility for the reasonableness of amounts charged rests with the person authorized to approve travel vouchers. All travelers must always request government rates and the rate confirmed both at the time reservations are made and at check-in.


Since hotels charge for reservations not kept, changes in travel plans must be communicated to the hotel as soon as possible. These charges will not be reimbursed if the traveler has been negligent in canceling reservations, or if the change is due to a personal decision after the deadline for cancellations. Exceptions may be made for emergencies beyond the employee’s control.


Lodging other than hotels/motels, such as apartments, dormitories, etc., may be used when they result in a lower cost. An itemized receipt is still required.


Lodging Shared with Someone not a State Employee

If a member(s) of the employee’s family, or other non-state employee travels with the officer or employee, the employee shall claim reimbursement at the single hotel/motel room rate only. The single rate should be written across the face of the receipt and signed by the hotel clerk. Express Check-Out Receipts Which Do Not Provide An Itemized Hotel Bill Are Not Acceptable.


Lodging Shared with State Employee

If more than one employee shares a motel/hotel room, each employee should report a pro-rata share of the costs on his travel reimbursement request. Separate invoices should be requested when registering. If the employee does not have an original receipt, he should submit a copy of the receipt and refer to the travel authorization number of the employee where the original receipt may be located.


Out-of-State Lodging

Interstate discounted lodging is often available through government rate programs and honored by participating properties of most major chains (e.g., Holiday Inns, Hyatt Inns, Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Ramada and others). The state contract travel agency shall check for the government rate – or lowest rate available – when use of the travel agent is required. (Use of the contract travel agent for lodging reservations is required when the trip involves common/public carrier travel.) When driving and making your own lodging arrangements, always request government rates. Government rates do NOT include special requests or more than single occupancy. You may be asked for identification. ID cards will be acceptable. If you have neither, a business card will often (but not always) be accepted by the hotel as proof of employment.



  • Section 25-3-41, Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated