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American Express Corporate Card Use


Delta State University authorizes the use to the American Express Corporate card by employees for travel related expenses in accordance with the following procedures.








Employees of Delta State University who travel can use the American Express Corporate Card to charge travel-related expenses, i.e. hotels, meals, rental cars, and then be reimbursed for those charges. Each department head will determine which employee(s) of the department will have authority to charge travel-related expenses to the Corporate Card. Each employee who is granted authority to use the Corporate Card must fill out an application to American Express, which must be signed by the designated Program Administrator. The application will be sent to American Express for approval and issuance of the Corporate Card. The employee whose name appears on the Corporate Card is deemed the cardholder and is directly liable for its use. Delta State University assumes no liability for the use of the American Express Corporate Card.


Reimbursement Procedures

An employee who travels and uses the American Express Corporate Card to charge travel-related expenses will submit a Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Form to the Accounts Payable Department within the first week after the completion of the travel, as is notated on the form. The employee will verify the accuracy of all documentation and will attach original receipts with the reimbursement form. Approved travel reimbursement requests that reach Accounts Payable department by 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday or Thursday will normally be written the next day unless there is a problem.


Payment Responsibility

The employee, not Delta State University, is responsible for tendering payment to American Express for all charges made on the Corporate Card. Each employee should pay close attention to the due date of the American Express invoice and should submit his/her expense voucher(s) in a manner that will allow timely reimbursement. Any charges resulting from delinquent payment of invoices will be the sole responsibility of the named cardholder. The card balance must be paid in full each month. The cardholder is responsible for contacting American Express within the specified timeframe if the cardholder disputes any charges.


Liability for Unauthorized Use

Delta State University and the cardholder are not liable for charges resulting from unauthorized use of any Corporate Card. An employee should immediately report any unauthorized expenses incurred on his/her Corporate Card to American Express and to the Program Administrator. Employees will immediately report a lost or stolen card to American Express and to the Program Administrator.



Employees may cancel their Corporate Card at any time by rendering the card unusable and returning it to the Program Administrator along with a signed letter requesting cancellation. The Program Administrator will finalize the cancellation with American Express.



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