Institutional Mission

The institutional mission encapsulates the institutional identity and is foundational to self-examination and resource allocation.



The Delta State University mission statement is a concise statement of its core mission. It is approved by the Board of Trustees, State of Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning and follows IHL policy in that it “shall be based upon and consistent with the statement of institutional purpose and mission required by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) and the Board and System mission statements. The core mission statement shall set forth clearly and concisely the major emphasis, scope, and character of the institution’s instructional, research, and public service programs, and shall describe those characteristics and features that distinguish it from other institutions in the IHL system. Core mission statements shall be reviewed annually and may be modified with prior approval of the Board. The core mission statement of each institution shall be filed with the Commissioner.”

The mission statement is disseminated widely, provides the focus for strategic planning, and informs all academic and administrative goals and efforts.

The President’s Cabinet reviews the institutional mission statement annually. Any proposed changes to the mission statement will be submitted to the IHL Board of Trustees prior to formal adoption by the institution.


The Responsible Office and/or the Policy Owner:  the President’s Cabinet



  • Cabinet Approval: 02/18/2013
  • IHL Policies 102.03, 102.04
  • SACS Core Requirement 2.4
  • SACS Comprehensive Standard 3.1.1



Policy Effective Date: February 18, 2013