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Wireless Communications Devices

The Wireless Communications Devices Policy exists to provide guidance to employees regarding the acquisition and use of Delta State University-provided wireless phones, devices, and plans in accordance with federal, state, and university laws, policies and procedures.
Wireless Communications Devices – refer to equipment and service obtained from licensed cellular telephone providers as defined by the Federal Communications Commission and the Mississippi Legislature and includes cellular phones, Blackberries, Treos, pagers, and other similar devices
Delta State University recognizes that the performance of certain official university business may be enhanced by wireless communications devices. Upon documentation of an official university business need for wireless communications service, a department or division manager must submit a written justification requesting permission to issue a University-provided device to the employee. This written request must be approved by the respective Cabinet member. Once the request is approved, the employee must sign documentation indicating receipt of this policy. This signed copy will be maintained in the employee personnel file.  Employees may only use wireless vendors and plans on approved lists maintained by the Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services.  Employees may only be assigned one University wireless communications device and employees of Delta State University may not directly or indirectly use or allow the use of wireless communications devices for anything other than officially approved activity. The University’s wireless communications devices may not be used for personal calls. Delta State University will not reimburse employees for any charges on their personal communication device.

Wireless communication devices may not be used to defame, embarrass, or disparage the University, employees, customers, vendors, or competitors. Any images found in violation of this policy are subject to confiscation. Any images taken or present on wireless communication devices are considered University property.

Employees are responsible for woking with their supervisor to determine the cost effective communication device and service plan. In order to make this possible, Delta State University’s employees are responsible for knowing the details of their service plan, including service costs and monthly service cap limits. Employees must be aware that cellular phone calling plans will be selected on the number of minutes required for the employee to conduct state business and package minute plans are not be considered free minutes for personal use. Employees should acquire the lowest cost communication device which carries out its intended use. The employee and his or her supervisor must sign each monthly detailed bill indicating that all calls are for business use. Detailed monthly bills are considered public records subject to the disclosure under the Mississippi Public Records Act and detailed monthly bills are subject to random audit for adherence to this policy. Any employee found in violation of this policy will have their wireless communications device privileges revoked and may be subject to fines and/or other penalties.

University employees should know cellular phone transmissions and emails are not secure transmissions. Confidential information regarding official Delta State University business should be transmitted from a secure environment. Due to documented safety concerns, the University does not support or condone the use of cellular telephones while an employee is driving. This restriction applies to both hand-held and hands-free phones. If an employee needs to talk on the phone while in the vehicle, he or she should pull off the road and stop. 

Wireless communication devices are subject to state property inventory requirements as stated in Sections 29-9-21, Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated. It is the department’s responsibility to ensure that all equipment is properly recorded in the university’s property control system. If for any reason the equipment is subsequently lost, replaced, disconnected, or disposed of, it is the department’s responsibility to notify Property Control. Additionally, it is the department’s responsibility to notify OIT and the cellular phone provider to insure the service is suspended.