Toll Fraud

Unauthorized use of long distance services, with the intent of avoiding responsibility for the charges, is a criminal offense. 
Toll Fraud: The unauthorized use of any authorization code, or any other means of accessing long distance services, with the intent to avoid payment of charges.
Authorization Code: A numerical code assigned to departments, employees and students that provides immediate access to University long distance services
This policy provides information about illegally accessing long distance services, investigative agencies, and responsibilities concerning use of authorization codes.
The use of any authorization code with intent to avoid payment of charges is a violation of MS State Statute 97-19-39 and is punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment. Reports of abuse will be investigated by the Telecommunications Department, University Police, Bell South, and long distance providers as required. Individuals suspected of illegal activities will be identified to University authorities for further investigation and legal actions under the laws of the State of Mississippi.
Administration authorization codes must not be used to make personal calls. Protection of authorization codes to prevent fraudulent use is the responsibility of each department. Departments are encouraged to review Telecommunications monthly long distance billing statements promptly. If there is reason to believe that an authorization code may have been used illegally, Telecommunications should be notified immediately.
  • MS Statute 97-29-45
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  • Telephone Use Policy
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  • Telephone Long Distance Services Policy
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