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Telephone Long Distance Services

The Telecommunications Department provides long distance services to Delta State University administration, employees and students and operates under the following procedures.
Authorization Code: A numerical code assigned to departments, employees and students that provides immediate access to University long distance services.
The Telecommunications Department provides long distance services for Delta State administration, employees and students at competitive rates. For access to these services, applicants must obtain an authorization code from Telecommunications. The code will permit direct-dial long distance calling from any campus telephone, with billing charged to the authorization code. Long distance charges cannot be billed to campus telephone numbers. Authorization codes should never be shared with others, since the person to whom it was issued is responsible for all charges associated with the code.
Requests for administrative authorization codes must be approved by the department head, and appropriate budget information provided. Faculty, staff and students requesting authorization codes for personal use must apply in the Telecommunications office. Students must have a Delta State Post Office box and complete an application contract prior to being issued an authorization code. Billing for administrative and employee personal long distance services will be mailed to the appropriate department. Students will receive billing in their campus mail box.
Authorization codes should be carefully safeguarded. If there is reason to believe that a code has been used improperly, Telecommunications should be contacted immediately.
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