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Request for Telephone and Data Services

All requests for new service, repairs, or changes to existing service must be directed to the Telecommunications Department.
NORTEL Meridian Telephone System: Delta State owned and operated equipment that provides telephone service to the University.
Local Area Network (LAN): Miscellaneous equipment, fiber-optic cables, wiring, etc. that provides access to the campus computer network.
Telco Research Call Accounting System: Computerized equipment that records calling information and provides detailed reports on long distance calls when using authorization codes.
The Telecommunications Department installs and maintains all telephones, cables and wiring associated with the campus telephone network. Telecommunications also installs and maintains all fiber-optic and data cables, wiring and terminations for the campus computer Local Area Network (LAN). Requests for new installations, or repair, of these infrastructure facilities must be directed to either Telecommunications or the OIT Department.
Delta State owns, operates and maintains the University telephone system, computer systems, cables, wiring and equipment associated with the campus telephone and data networks. All service requests must be directed to Telecommunications or OIT. Neither the local telephone company, nor any other communications services providers, is authorized to install, test, repair, etc., campus facilities without University approval
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