Emergency Telephones

Emergency telephones are located throughout the campus to provide immediate contact with the Delta State Police Department and should be used only for emergency situations. 
Automatic Dialing: Emergency telephones are programmed so that when activated by pressing a button, the phone automatically dials the Delta State Police Department.
Interactive Voice Contact: Emergency telephones have speaker phone capability, which means that 2-way voice contact is maintained until terminated by either the user or the Delta State Police Department.
The Telecommunications Department maintains nine emergency telephones, which are placed at strategic locations on campus. The telephones are operational twenty-four hours a day, with each having automatic dialing capability to the Delta State Police Department. The phones are activated by pressing a button, which results in interactive voice contact with the Police Department. The Police Department is automatically provided with information indicating the location of the phone, and officers can be immediately dispatched. Most of the phones are equipped with a blue light that begins flashing when a phone is activated, and serves to alert others in the area of the emergency. 
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