Network Devices


The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is charged with providing a stable and secure campus network to support the mission of the University and therefore has the authority and responsibility to specify technical requirements for devices connecting to it. This includes providing leadership in the management of shared network resources, such as setting security standards and disconnecting noncompliant network devices when they have the potential for interfering with the proper operation of the campus-wide network.


Electronic Communications:  The use of computers and network systems in the communicating or posting of information or material by way of electronic mail, bulletin boards, or other such electronic tools.

Network Systems:  Includes voice, video and data networks, switches, routers, wireless devices, and storage devices.

System or Network Administrator:  A university employee reponsible for managing the operation or operating system environments of computers or network systems, respectively.

University Computers and Network Systems (University Systems): Computers, networks, servers, and other similar devices that are administered by the university and for which the university is responsible. Throughout this policy, the shortened term "university systems" is used to mean all university computers and network systems. 


The OIT must maintain the integrity of the network in order to manage the quality of the service. Therefore “rogue” hubs, wireless APs, and switches will not be permitted. 

All network devices (hubs, routers, switches, wireless access points, etc.) shall be managed by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) as property of Delta State University (DSU).  Devices that are installed, other than those installed by OIT, will be shut down as these devices interfere with the communications infrastructure and may cause considerable harm to the University network systems. 


  • Violators of this policy will be dealt with according to the details outlined in the University’s Appropriate Use of Computing and Network Resources policy.
  • Those who cannot accept these standards of behavior will be denied use of Delta State computers or network systems.
  • Violators may also be subject to penalties under University regulations and under state and federal laws.
  • Appropriate Use of Computing and Network Resources Policy