Digging Permits

Permission must be obtained from the Chief Information Officer prior to any digging, boring, planting or removal of shrubbery, etc., on Delta State property.
Boring: The use of specialized equipment to excavate, either horizontally or vertically, on or beneath ground level.
Excavation: Any movement or relocation of ground, or ground cover (includes concrete, gravel, etc.).
This policy is intended to emphasize the importance of protecting University infrastructure by obtaining permission prior to any excavation on Delta State property.
Prior to any digging, boring, planting or removal of shrubbery, etc. on Delta State University property, all contractors, university employees, students, and others must complete a digging permit, and receive signed approval. The permit must state the exact location and date for the planned excavation.
The Delta State Physical Plant and Telecommunications Departments will mark all utilities in the area, and provide any necessary special instructions or coordination requirements. Both departments must be contacted on the date excavation is to begin. When permits are issued for an extended period, or for multiple locations, both departments must be contacted for each new location.
When telephone or fiber-optic cables or facilities are located in an area to be excavated, Telecommunications Technicians must be on site during the digging operation. Damage to Telecommunications or Physical Plant facilities, as a result of failure to contact these departments, will result in the cost of repairs being charged to the appropriate company, department or individual.
  • Digging Permit Form