Audio-Visual Equipment Loans

Audiovisual loan services support the educational and service endeavors of faculty, staff, students and guests of Delta State University (DSU) by providing audiovisual equipment for temporary use. The intended purpose of equipment is the support of instructional activities of the faculty and sponsored functions of the University.  Loans are made to patrons of the university on their signature and others through an authorized sponsor. 
Audiovisual equipment: refers to all types of projection equipment as well as audio and video cameras and recorders.
Temporary use: refers to a single check out for a period of not more than two or three days.
Audiovisual loan services are a shared responsibility between the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and the faculty, staff, students, and guest users of the Delta State University community. "Audiovisual equipment" refers to all types of projection equipment as well as audio and video cameras and recorders. The loan equipment has been purchased for appropriate, one time use of authorized borrowers. 
The inventory of equipment for loan is described below:
  • Audio Cassette Recorder/Players
  • Microphones
  • Camcorders (VHS/Digital)
  • Monitors (TV)
  • Cameras (35 mm/ Digital)
  • Overhead Projectors
  • Data Projectors
  • Public Address Systems
  • DVD Players
  • Presentation Panels (Flip Chart)
  • Document Cameras (Elmo)
  • Projection Screens
  • Easels
  • Radio/CD/Dual Cassette Players
  • Equipment Stands
  • Slide Projectors
  • Laptop Computers
  • Videocassette Players
  • computers
  • printers
  • telephone equipment
  • video and audio tapes or films
  • slide carousels
  • computer video cables
  • blank audio or video tapes
The OIT maintains the equipment it owns. Please notify the office of problems in performance or operation of equipment. OIT supplies replacement lamps for its equipment.
If you suspect that an item checked out to you may have been stolen or missing, please call the University Police Department at 4155.
The purchase of instructional equipment for loan is based on budget and use. First priority is given to equipment that will meet the greatest instructional need. This equipment may be loaned for incidental use or may be permanently assigned to a building location for ease of use. Departments seeking to purchase equipment and desiring consultation should contact the OIT at 846-4444.
DSU faculty, staff and students, as well as, community borrowers sponsored by the University are eligible to borrow audiovisual equipment. Borrowers sign for equipment and assume responsibility for the repair or replacement of equipment lost or damaged for the period of checkout  The OIT does not supply operators for most equipment, but will train the borrower to operate it.
The audiovisual equipment is available for loan during regular working hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday..
Reservations require detailed information about what is being requested and are made directly between the borrower and the OIT.  (Note:  Listing audiovisual items when completing the "University Calendar" form is not a reservation.)  Reservations should be made at least 24 hours prior to the expected use.  Reservations are taken on a first come first serve basis.  Requests can be made by calling 846-4444 or in person at 114 Bailey Hall. A reservation is not confirmed until a reservation form is completed and the request has been verified by the OIT staff
 AV equipment is loaned for “temporary use”. The loan period for delivered equipment is generally three days. Some items may have shorter loan periods depending on borrower demand.  The loan period may not exceed one week without special permission. Equipment is to be returned within 24 hours of its use unless other arrangements have been made in advance.
Items to be delivered must be reserved before 11a.m. of the day prior to the expected day of use.  When equipment has been reserved and delivery has been requested, it will arrive at the departmental office on the day prior to use and will be retrieved the day after use. Deliveries cannot be made to individual classrooms or faculty offices.  Individuals can pick-up and return equipment to 114 Bailey Hall.  The following items cannot be delivered:  Data projectors, camcorders, lap top computers and digital cameras.
Students should contact their instructor to arrange a co-signature to reserve equipment for classroom use.  Due to the cost and potential problems with use, laptop computers and data projectors are loaned to instructors only. Equipment will be booked to the instructor. Equipment loans to students are for a maximum of three days.
All equipment is for use in DSU classes and sponsored programs. Equipment may not be loaned to other individuals, institutions or agencies unless otherwise approved.