Student Responsibilities

Delta State University requires students to adhere to established guidelines and policies. Individual students have the following responsibilities.
Student members of the Delta State University community as individuals and in groups have certain responsibilities. These include:
1.      The responsibility to present University identification to authorized University officials upon request, including cam pus police, Hall Directors, Assistant Hall Directors, and resident assistants.
a.       The University issues each student an identification card at the time of registration. This card is to be used to identify the recipient as a student of Delta State University. This card is a valuable document and should be in the student’s possession at all times.
b.      Any misuse of the card by its holder or attempted use by another person will result in disciplinary action.
c.       The loss or theft of an identification card should be reported immediately to the Office of Student Affairs. A substitute card will be issued only after payment of a $5.00 fee.
2.      The responsibility to refrain from actions which deny other members of the community their rights as enumerated.
3.      The responsibility to refrain from harassment of any individual(s) or group(s) on campus.
4.      The responsibility to refrain from the use of force against a person or group, the forcible interference with another person’s freedom of movement, and/or personal abuse of another person.
5.      The responsibility to respect the right to property of individuals, groups, and the University itself.
6.      The responsibility to respect the confidentiality of personal information about members of the University community and to reserve that right of privacy.
  1. The responsibility to refrain from disruption in the form of coercion or violence. 
  2. The responsibility to refrain from noise, disruption, and/or abusive behavior in the University community.
9.      The responsibility for obtaining a copy of the University Parking and Traffic Regulations from the Delta State Police Department if operating a vehicle on University property. 
10. The responsibility to observe all duly established University, local, state, and federal regulations. Nothing in this policy can affect in any way the jurisdiction of courts and other civil authorities over any Delta State Student. Membership in the Delta State community does not mean a privileged or immune status from the laws and other regulations that other residents of the State of Mississippi must obey. All laws of the state apply equally to members and nonmembers of the academic community.
11. The responsibility to give their correct local address at registration and to notify the director of admissions and registrar of any change of address within one week of such change.