Identification Cards – Students

Students must carry their identification card at all times and produce them when requested by members of the University staff. These cards are not transferable. Students are liable for disciplinary action for misuse of identification-activity cards, for altering them in any way, for loaning them to another person, or for failing to have the card on his or her person when it is requested by a member of the university staff.
During initial registration all full-time and part-time students enrolled in six or more hours are given a combination identification-activity card, also known as the Okra Kard, bearing their photograph and student identification number. These cards are important because they will identify a student when borrowing books from the library, making purchases in the bookstore, purchasing a parking decal, cashing authorized checks, gaining admittance to food services, meal plan tracking, a pre-paid debit account and all student activities and athletic events. The identification card has a monetary value because it is a prepaid ticket to all athletic events (other than GSC and NCAA tournaments where Delta State is a host site) and many social events.
It is the policy of the university to issue replacement identification cards for a set fee.
  • Policies relating to the various functions of the Okra Kard are available in the Student Business Services Office.