Critical Needs Emergency Fund

Billy and Mary K. Perry of Cleveland have pledged $100,000 to establish the Billy and Mary K. Perry Student Critical Needs Emergency Fund, a fund designed to help ease a student’s burden when catastrophic and unforeseen financial hardships arise. The Perry Emergency Fund is established to help students who are attending Delta State University. 
The Fund, designed strictly to meet catastrophic and unforeseen financial hardships, may not be used as a scholarship, award, or for other academic based recognition
Billy and Mary K. Perry Student Critical Needs Emergency Fund
The Perry Emergency Fund, overseen by the President of Delta State University, is administered by the Vice President of Student Affairs office. Request from a student for Perry Emergency Funds must be made in writing to the Office of Student Financial Assistance who will judge the merit of the request based on all available information relating to the request. Students requesting Perry Emergency Funds must complete an application. Applications are available in the Office of Student Financial Assistance in the H.L. Nowell Union, room 202B. Students must provide evidence of need to support the request.
Students who receive Perry Emergency Funds are not required to reimburse the Fund, but are encouraged at a future date in their career to make a gift to the Fund so other students may be offered the same type of financial help. The Emergency Fund may be used to help students who experience catastrophic and unforeseen financial hardships. Requests will be responded to within a 24-hour period. Checks are made available twice a week.
Total disbursement from the Perry Emergency Fund shall not exceed $4,000 annually without authorization from the President’s Office with the advice of the Executive Director of the Delta State University Foundation, Inc.
All aid from the Perry Emergency Fund must be reported to the Office of Student Financial Assistance. All assistance options available will be explored by the Office of Student Financial Assistance prior to making a Perry Emergency Fund disbursement.
The Vice President for Student Affairs will provide the President a quarterly report on the use of the funds. A semi-annual report to the Perry’s, minus names of the recipients, on how the Fund met critical and emergency needs will also be provided.
Recipients will be asked to write a letter of thanks to the Perry’s and send a copy to the Delta State Foundation Office. Thank you letters will remain confidential unless the student grants permission to the University’s Development Office to use the letter in fund raising activities.
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