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Awarding of Privately Funded Scholarships


Delta State University provides opportunities to recruit and retain students through foundation or privately funded scholarships and awards in accordance with the procedures outlined by the grantee and as contained in this policy.

A portion of student tuition and fee charges is used for scholarships, tuition waivers, and other operating costs.


Awarding Department:
those departments on campus responsible for selecting and notifying scholarship and award recipients.

Foundation: The Delta State University Foundation, a 501(c) organization, manages endowed and private assets received from gifts and bequests.


Delta State University Scholarship Policy: Institutional, foundation, state, and federally funded scholarships and grants are all subject to a maximum yearly amount not to exceed the actual cost of tuition, room and board, and a $600 per year book allowance. Scholarships are applied to student accounts to cover institutional costs of attendance.


The Foundation will adhere to the following deadlines:

March 1: An alphabetical listings of scholarships, award criteria, and available dollars will be provided to each awarding department for the upcoming academic year.
June 1: Funds will be made available in the student ERP for the upcoming academic year.
July 15: An updated alphabetical listing of scholarships and available dollars will be provided to each awarding department.


Awarding Department

The Awarding Department will adhere to the following deadlines:

April 15: Scholarship selection committee will choose and notify recipients of scholarship selection for the upcoming academic year. (NOTE: November 20 for spring awards)
June 1: A complete list of scholarship recipients will be sent to the Office of Enrollment Management for posting. This list should contain: recipient name, DSU identification number, scholarship name, award amount and award terms (fall and spring or one term only). (NOTE: December 15 for spring awards)
August: Any scholarships not awarded will be forfeited until the following semester, or as stated in the scholarship criteria.

The awarding department is responsible for selecting recipients that meet all scholarship criteria, maintaining a list of recipients, notifying donors, sending notes of appreciation, and hosting scholarship award ceremonies.

Office of Enrollment Management

The Office of Enrollment Management will adhere to the following deadline:

June 15: Scholarships for the upcoming academic year will be posted to student accounts. (NOTE: December 20 for spring awards)


Policy Owner:  Office of Enrollment Management






Approved Academic Council: February 27, 2014

Approved Cabinet: March 10, 2014

Policy Effective Date: March 15, 2014