Student Publications



Delta State University supports and encourages two official student publications: (1) The Delta Statement, the campus newspaper; and (2) The Broom, the student yearbook. Oversight for these publications is the responsibility of The Student Publications Committee.








The Student Publications Committee is composed of 18 voting members (nine of whom are full-time members of the University Faculty/Staff and nine of whom are full-time students representing a cross-section of the student body) and four advisory (non-voting) members (the two advisors and the student editor) of The Delta Statement and the student editor of The Broom.


The duties of The Student Publications Committee include the following:


  1. Establish qualifications of candidates for the offices of Editor of the official student newspaper, The Delta Statement, and the student yearbook, The Broom, and in cases where more than one qualified candidate seeks a position, select by majority vote, the candidate(s) most qualified;


  1. Meet with the Editors, Advisors, and principle staff members of the two publications on an appropriate basis to provide input and feedback from the campus as a whole;


  1. Encourage and foster increased involvement in the editorial aspects of the newspaper and yearbook by students enrolled in journalism, writing, and photography classes;


  1. Encourage and foster increased involvement in advertising and business management aspects of the newspaper and yearbook by students enrolled in marketing, accounting, and other business programs;


  1. Encourage participation on the staffs of the newspaper and yearbook by a broader cross-section of the student population;


  1. Encourage qualified students to seek offices and positions of responsibility on the newspaper and yearbook staffs;


  1. Provide guidance, assistance, and direction to the advisors and staffs of the publications;


  1. Establish such practices, regulations, qualifications, policies, and guidelines as necessary to carry out duties and responsibilities of the Committee and to contribute to the production of quality student publications;


  1. Ensure that the student newspaper serves as a free forum for student expression without threat of censorship, or requirement of prior review of articles, or any other inhibiting actions or practices that have been ruled unconstitutional by federal courts.


  1. Ensure that student journalists perform with intelligence, objectivity, accuracy, and fairness as set forth in the Code of Ethics adopted by the Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi;


  1. Establish guidelines for the removal of Editors and Advisors who fail to meet the duties and responsibilities of their offices.



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