Student Activities


All student activities conducted by student organizations either on or off campus including parades, serenades, demonstrations, rallies, funding raising events or other meetings or gatherings for any purpose must have prior approval and be scheduled according to the following procedures.




Scheduling and planning

All University activities conducted by an officially recognized student organization at Delta State University must be approved by the Vice-President for Student Affairs. Initial scheduling and planning of activities should begin early enough to have administrative approval five days prior to the event. Events should be cleared and entered on the University calendar before any arrangements are made for food, bands, meeting facilities, etc.

The University holds the officers and Faculty Advisor of organizations responsible for the planning, scheduling, and over-all conduct of the activities of their organizations. The officers and the advisors of the organizations sponsoring the activity also have the primary responsibility of seeing that these activities are in accord with University regulations.

The University Calendar is maintained in the Student Development Union Office and can be viewed on the University website. Facility reservation forms may be printed from the University website or picked up in the Student Development Union Office, Union 200. Student organization handbooks which outline policies and procedures are also available in this office or the University website.

Time and date

No on-campus student activity is to last beyond 12:00 a.m., Sunday through Thursday, 1:00 a.m., on Friday and Saturday. Outdoor events may have different regulations if noise factors are prevalent.

Places for Activities

University groups are encouraged to hold their activities on campus. When an on or off campus facility is used by an organization, the organization is expected to observe to the fullest extent the rules and regulations governing the establishment. The University, however, is not responsible for actions of members of organizations or their guests at functions held off campus.

Organizations may use facilities such as buildings, grounds, etc., subject to the regulations of the University. Requests for facilities not regularly designed for student activities must be made through the Student Development Union Office.


University regulations governing students and visitors will be maintained at all approved social affairs.


The responsibility for the interpretation and enforcement of University regulations rests with the appropriate DSU person in charge of the event. Organization members assume full responsibility for their conduct and that of their guest.

Regulations Governing Assemblies

Any student parade, serenade, demonstration, rally, and/or other meeting or gathering for any purpose conducted on the campus at Delta State University must be scheduled with the President or his designated agent at least forty-eight hours in advance of the event. Names of the responsible leaders of the group must be submitted to the institution at the time of scheduling. The terms and conditions, including all audiovisual aids used to promote such assemblies and demonstrations, are determined by the institution. The use of any statements, signs, and/or pictures that are normally considered in poor taste are not permitted. Organizations which meet at regular times and places may, at the beginning of each semester, schedule such meetings with the designated official. Students assembling for meetings not authorized in accordance with these regulations are subject to disciplinary action which may result in dismissal from Delta State University. A student present at such unauthorized meetings is considered to be a participant.

Fund Raising Guidelines and Approval

  1. Any organization planning to conduct or participate in any fund-raising project must complete and file a Fund Raising Approval Sheet three days prior to beginning date of the project with the Student Development Union Office. This includes student organizations sponsored projects or participation in off-campus charitable projects. All projects must be approved before participation can take place.
  1. Student organizations may provide services or sell products to collect funds. Fund raising projects and procedures in violation of the Delta State University Vending Policy will not be allowed. Copies of the Vending Policy may be obtained in the Office of Student Development. Organizations are encouraged to consult said policy before undertaking any fund-raising project.
  1. Student organizations are encouraged to place limitations on solicitations to residence and business houses. Student organizations are asked to advertise adequately and appropriately the approved fund-raising project.
  1. Any student organization failing to comply with the stated guidelines will be subject to disciplinary action by the Student Organization Committee, the Coordinator of Student Development, or other appropriated administrators.

Examples of Permissible Fund-Raising Activities

·        Sales – candy, greeting cards, publications, etc. (credit card sales are not allowed).

·        Sale of service – car wash, sign painting, etc.

·        Performance – talent shows, etc.

·        Donations for charity – money, food, clothing.


  • Vending Policy
  • Handbook for Student Organizations