Address Change Policy


The Address Change Policy identifies data entry standards and which offices are responsible for changing campus and permanent addresses for students, faculty, and staff.


Students are responsible for maintaining their mailing addresses through DSU Online Services. Administrative offices may change a student mailing address, but will be accountable for the information that has been changed. Any grievance by a student on changes will be directed to the person who changed the address. Student permanent addresses are maintained by the Registrar’s office only.
Human Resources will change all Faculty and Staff permanent addresses. Academic Affairs will change faculty campus addresses and Human Resources will change staff campus addresses. All requests must be submitted in writing.
If an office sets up an address code, only that office maintains that address code.


Address Type

Maintained by

AB Alumni Business Alumni
AE Admissions Email Admissions
AH Alumni Home Alumni
AU Alumni Unknown Alumni
BC Athletic Booster Athletics
BI Billing Accounts Payable
BU Business Procurement Services
CA Campus Address Post Office – Student
Academic Affairs – Faculty
Human Resources – Staff
DM Dorm Housing
EL Electronic Mail Academic Affairs – Faculty
Human Resources – Staff
EM Emergency Housing
FA Financial Aid Student Financial Assistance
GA Graduate Assistantship Graduate Office
MA Mailing Any Office
PR Permanent Registrar – Student
Human Resources – Faculty and Staff

  • ADDRESSES SHOULD NEVER BE  DELETED.   A history of addresses should always remain in BANNER
Data Entry Standards
  • Identification Form

    All information is to be entered in upper and lower case; i.e., not in all caps or in all lower case. Enter the legal name in the Person Name Information Block as completely as possible without using punctuation.

Last:   Doe                    First:   John                  Mid:    Jeffrey
Note: Prefixes, suffixes, and preferred names are entered on SPAIDEN. Student prefixes are Mr., Mrs, or Ms. Faculty and staff prefixes are entered as the individuals specify. Maiden names can be traced by creating a Previous Name on the Identification Form. 

  • Address Format:

Campus Address: Address Line 1: DSU Box 100 (Students)
    DSU Box 200 Ewing 101 (Faculty and Staff)
  Address Line 2: Campus
  City/State/Zip Cleveland      MS        38733
Other than Campus All street/address designations should be spelled out completely as possible in the field Street Line 1 (when possible).  
  P.O. Box Write out Post Office Box
  Street Address: write out completely as possible –
Example: South Fifth Avenue
Multiple compass directions i.e., NW, SW, etc., may be abbreviated
  Apartments: Apt 100 on same line with street addresss
  Rural Routes: Route 1 Box
Emergency 911 addresses are preferred over rural route addressses and should be used if known.
Electronic Mail Address Line 1 username (on campus)
username@hostname.extension (off campus)
  City/State/Zip Cleveland          MS          38733 (on campus)
Appropriate city, state, and zip (off campus)

Change of Mailing Address
  • Scroll to  the address that will be changed
  • Change the TO DATE to the day before the address is to be changed.
  • Pull down record box on task bar, click  insert. 
  • Change information. A county code for Mississippi residents, state code for out of state residents MUST BE ENTEREDPlease contact Institutional Research if a code is not in Banner. The following web site lists all counties in Mississippi:
  • Update or delete associated telephone numbers. Note: If multiple phone numbers exist for a single address type (Permanent, Campus, Business, etc.), one phone number must be designated as the primary number.
  • Save.
This will change the address and will create a history of the previous addresses.
Change of Permanent Address
A permanent address can only be changed in the Office of Admissions until the beginning student’s original registration term. Once a student registers, the Registrar’s Office will maintain the permanent address. 
Permanent address changes sent to the Registrar’s Office from another office must be on a form signed and dated by the student verifying the information or on a returned envelope with a forwarding address label from the United States Postal Service.
A student can change his/her permanent address in Kent Wyatt Hall 152 if he/she presents to the Registrar proof of:
  • Parent/s’ change of address, or
  • Residence in the State of Mississippi a year past his/her 21st birthday, (a) Mississippi driver’s license, (b) Proof of purchase of a Mississippi car tag, or (c) verifies Mississippi voter registration.
Change of Name

A student must fill out a change of name form in the Registrar’s Office;  present a copy of a new social security card with the new name; and when applicable, a copy of the portion of a legal document showing the change of name.

  •  None