Trade-In of Equipment

Approval by the State Office of Purchasing and Travel must be received before any inventoried equipment items with a DSU inventory property tag can be traded-in towards a purchase of new equipment.
DSU’s Property Control Office will submit to the State Office of Purchasing and Travel the Form 873 for trade-in approval of equipment items other than computer and telecommunication equipment. A Form CP-2 will be submitted by the Property Control Office to the Office of State Auditor for trade-in approval of computer and telecommunication equipment.  
To process these requests for the trade-in of equipment items, Property Control needs the following information submitted in writing for each piece of equipment to be traded-in:
·        A complete description of the item.
·        The DSU property number.
·        The manufacturer’s serial number, make, and model.
·        Current condition of the item and the reason for the trade-in.
·        Name and address of the vendor and the amount of the trade-in allowance.
The above information must also be attached to the purchase requisition for the new equipment item.
Property Control only handles the equipment approval for disposal of the trade-in; DSU’s Purchasing Department must be contacted regarding the actual purchasing procedures for the new equipment item including the trade-in. Once the traded-in item is to leave DSU’s premises, procedures for the return of an equipment item, as defined in section 2.07, must be followed and proof of receipt by the vendor submitted to the Property Control Office.
An equipment item cannot be traded-in for non-equipment items.
  • Section 29-9-1 thru 29-9-21, Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated