Single Source Purchase

Requests for single source approval for commodities or equipment must meet requirements contained within state law. 
Single Source: A single source purchase is the purchase of a commodity or equipment, which is available from one source only, and neither comparative nor competitive quotations can be obtained. Commodities or equipment for use in research projects shall be considered single source, provided the items requested can be shown to have a direct cause and effect on the project and shall be so certified.
·        Complete a purchase requisition either on-line using Banner or off-line using the Purchase Requisition form.  
·        Submit to Purchasing, along with the requisition, a letter that will be sent to the Office of Purchasing and Travel containing the following information:
o       Why the item is unique, thus making it unlike any other item sold on the open market.
o       Why an item must be compatible with another item.
o       How the specific items would impact on the research being performed.
o       The unique situation that the item is to be purchased for and why.
o       A firm, written quote signed by the vendor, if available, should be submitted with the requisition. A facsimile is acceptable.
  • Mississippi Code of 1972 Annotated Section 31-7-13