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Responsibilities for Property

Each department head, departmental property officer and/or other appropriate individuals or employees, as identified by the Property Officer are accountable for all equipment items assigned to their department.
To insure adequate control for equipment items, each department is responsible for designating a departmental property officer to:
·        Maintain a departmental equipment listing.
·        Notify the Property Control Office upon receipt of all equipment items to be tagged and authorize the payment for equipment. 
·        Complete the required paperwork for the movement and disposal of equipment items and maintain records of all such transactions.
·        Perform a self-audit of the department’s equipment items semi-annually and promptly report any missing items or other discrepancies to the Property Control Office.
·        Directly participate in all equipment audits conducted by the DSU Property Control staff and/or the State Auditor’s Office.
In the event that an equipment audit identifies an item as missing or otherwise unaccounted for, DSU can recover the value of the missing item. The demand is made against the department head, departmental property officer, and/or other appropriate individual or employee within the department.
In the event of possible theft, the financial responsibility is removed if there is documentation that at the time the item was discovered as missing, it was properly reported to and investigated by Campus Police
If an equipment item assigned to an employee is lost or stolen due to an employee’s willful negligence, the employee is financially responsible for the value of the lost or stolen equipment item. The department head is responsible for recovering the funds from the employee and following the procedures for reporting lost or stolen equipment as provided in the policy on “Reporting Lost or Stolen Equipment section” of the manual. The policy on “Procedures for Determination of Employee Financial responsibility” is also defined in the manual.