Requisition Procedures

Purchase requisitions are required for all purchases of material, equipment, or services for Delta State University
Supplies are those items that are used primarily for daily office operations, i.e. pens, pencils, paper, tape, staples, adding machines, paper clips, folders, etc.
Equipment is any commodity with a value of $1,000 or more, or is included on the exceptions listing (see Equipment Classification section for listing).
Equipment and supplies/commodities should not be placed on the same requisition. The approval processes are different and require a different lead-time.
Enter a requisition into Banner as per instructions given in training sessions. Requisitions must be completed and approved before Purchasing can process. Requisitions that have attachments (i.e. quotes, order forms, receipts, etc.) must be received in Purchasing before the requisition can be processed. A note to the Purchasing department must be typed in the body of the requisition to alert them that attachments are being sent.                              
Note:    On-line departments must submit paper requisition to Purchasing for the following instances:
  • Total purchase is between $5,000.00 and $50,000.00 and department is requesting Purchasing to    obtain written quotes.
  • Purchase is greater than $50,000.00 and must be publicly bid.
  • The Vice President of Finance and Administration must assign account from which purchase is to be made.
  • Cash tickets.
  • Blanket orders.
  • Do not order from multiple vendors on one requisition.
  • All requisitions must be typed.
  • The date, department, delivery information, and vendor phone number, if available, must be filled out. It is much more expedient if Purchasing has the name and number of the person making the request for any questions that may arise.
  • List the quantity of each item desired, the catalog number, a brief description with package quantities, and the estimated unit price.
  • Show the correct departmental fund, organization, and account codes of items ordered.
  • The person authorized to make the request must sign on the line indicated, followed by the signature of the department head or dean or vice president. Requisitions must have a minimum of two signatures prior to delivery to purchasing for approval.
Requisitions are official documents and they are audited. For required comments attach a memo or note.
Note:  Individuals or departments failing to follow appropriate purchasing and requisition procedures may be personally liable and responsible for the payment of items or services purchased.
  • Requisition Form