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Reporting Lost or Stolen Equipment

Lost or stolen equipment must be reported according to University procedures.
The following steps must be taken when an equipment item is lost or stolen:
·        An equipment item that has mysteriously disappeared or has been stolen must be reported immediately. A written confirmation of this notification must follow.
·        After investigation by Campus Police, an offense report should be sent to (1) the department reporting the lost or stolen equipment item and (2) the Property Control Office.
·        The department must complete a “Lost or Stolen Property Affidavit” within ten (10) working days from the date the item is discovered missing. A Lost or Stolen Property Affidavit must contain the following information.
o       The last date that the equipment item was accounted for by the department.
o       The date the loss/theft was noted.
o       A detail description of the events and circumstances in which the loss/theft occurred.
o       What actions the department took to find the equipment item.
o       A statement as to the final disposition of the equipment item (i.e. lost, stolen, misplaced, improperly disposed of, etc.).
o       The signatures of the department head and the departmental property officer on the property affidavit must be notarized before or in the Property Control Office.
·        The completed property affidavit, offense report, and any other documents which detail the occurrence of the loss or theft should be submitted to the Property Officer. The affidavit will be reviewed by the Property Officer, Police Chief, and Vice President for Finance to determine if the person responsible for a lost or stolen item demonstrated willful negligence, the documentation will be referred to the DSU Salvage Committee for appropriate recommendation to the President
·        If the determination is made that no action is required by the Salvage Committee, the property affidavit and related documents will be approved by the Vice President for Finance and the Property Officer prior to submitting these documents to the State Auditor’s Office.

·        If determination is made to refer the documentation to the Salvage Committee the procedures in the policy on "Determination of Employee Financial Responsibility of DSU Equipment" of the manual will be applied.