Purchasing Authority

The Purchasing Department shall be responsible for the procurement of commodities and equipment needed by Delta State University in compliance with Section 31-7-13 Mississippi Code of 1972, annotated, and with the policies and procedures established therein in conjunction with the policies of Delta State University.
Section 7-7-23, Mississippi Code Annotated, 1972, states:
“Purchases of equipment, supplies, materials, or services of whatever kind or nature for any department, officer, institution, or other agency of the state, the cost of which is to be paid from funds in the state treasury on State Fiscal Officer disbursement warrants, may be made only by written purchase orders duly signed by the official authorized to do so, on forms prescribed and furnished by the State Fiscal Officer. Purchases of such equipment, supplies, materials, or services, as specified herein, made without the issuance of such purchase orders shall not be deemed to be obligations of the state unless the State Fiscal Officer, by general rule or special order, permits certain purchases to be made without same.”
  • Mississippi Code of 1972 Annotated Section 7-7-23