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Possession and/or Removal of Property

Any employee of DSU or a representative of another state agency or institution, who personally possess and utilizes and/or removes DSU property from the premises for any reason, must have a Hand Receipt in hand. Your department should give a DSU employee or representative of another state agency or institution a Hand Receipt when a person is possessing, utilizing and/or removing DSU property. Please note that personal use of DSU property is prohibited.
The procedure for the possession and/or removal of a DSU property item is as follows:
·        The department head or designated representative will complete a Hand Receipt whenever property is personally possessed and utilized and/or is to be removed from the campus.
·        If the property has a DSU property number, the number must be indicated on the Hand Receipt.
·        Also a return date must be listed for the property. The return date cannot be in excess of one year from the date of issuance of the Hand Receipt.
·        One copy of the Hand Receipt is given to the person possessing and/or removing the property, and one copy of the Hand Receipt is retained on file by the person responsible for the property to insure its proper return.
·        No person may authorize his or her own form in-lieu of the Hand Receipt.
·        Memorandums are not acceptable in-lieu of this form.
·        The person removing the property item should be prepared to show their copy of the Hand Receipt and the property to Campus Police upon request.
All DSU employees possessing DSU property can be held financially and legally responsible for the loss of the property due to the employee’s negligence. Any loss or theft of the property should be promptly reported to the designated departmental representative or university property officer.
  • Section 29-9-1 thru 29-9-21, Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated
  • Hand Receipt
  • Policy on “Reporting Lost or Stolen Equipment”
  • Policy on “Determination of Employee Financial Responsibility of Equipment”