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Over-Shipment of Purchase Orders

Over-shipments are to be accepted only in cases of extreme emergency. Over-shipments are not to be used to circumvent the Purchasing, Accounting, or Receiving systems of the institution. All over-shipments that are accepted must follow the DSU approved procedure for handling over-shipments.
Over-shipments include all shipments of goods that are in excess of the amount originally requested on the Purchase Requisition.
Receiving or Accounts Payable will notify department of the over-shipment.
The form to accept over-shipments must be completed by the department.
This form must be approved by:
·        Department head
·        Purchasing (to see if the over-shipment is legal)
·        Accounting (to see if funds are available)
The order of this approval process is essential. The approval form with all its signatures must be in purchasing within forty-eight (48) hours or the shipment will be returned.
Over-shipments of more than twenty percent (20 %) of the original order will not be accepted.
Note: See example of form in the forms section.
  • Over-shipment form