Maintenance Contracts

The Purchasing Department must help insure that Delta State University follows the laws of the state of Mississippi when entering into a maintenance contract or agreement with a vendor/contractor.
Complete a Purchase Requisition with the following information:
·        List each item that is to be covered under the agreement, serial numbers, model numbers, DSU inventory numbers, and any reference numbers the company may require.
·        The effective dates of the contract. Requisition should be completed prior to the maintenance contract period requested taking into consideration lead-time for completion.
·        If it is a renewal contract, list the previous purchase order number.
·        The department should call the company for a price quote and also have the company send a maintenance agreement which lists their terms and conditions of the contract. List the name of the person you talked to on the requisition. Attach the contract to the requisition before sending to Purchasing.
·        The Director Information Technology Services must approve all computer maintenance contracts.
·        The Director of Purchasing will review all maintenance contracts for content and clarity and will accept and sign all maintenance contracts.
  • Mississippi Code of 1972 Annotated Section 31-7-13