Equipment Repairs

Repairs to be made are not to exceed 50% of replacement cost of item being repaired.
Section 31-7-13 of Mississippi law exempts repairs from competitive bid requirement; provided, however, certain criteria must be met (i.e. the following information must be on the requisition and attached invoice):
·        Equipment identification number (DSU number and serial number)
·        Specific repairs made
·        Parts itemized and identified by number
·        Supplies used
·        Labor rate per hour
·        Total hours charged
Engines, transmissions, rear axles an/or other such components shall not be included in this exemption when replaced as a complete unit instead of being repaired and the need for such total component replacement is known before disassembly of the component.
Items to be repaired can be handled in three (3) ways, as follows:
1.      Internal repairs: Repairs made on site by vendor’s servicemen.
·        Follow procedure for a Rush Purchase Order (see Rush and Fax Order policy). Upon receipt of the invoice, forward invoice to Purchasing referencing purchase order number.
2.      External repairs: Equipment is shipped to a company for repair. 
·        Prepare a requisition in the usual manner noting all pertinent information. 
3.      Warranty repairs:
·        Fill out a Return Materials Authorization
  • Mississippi Code of 1972 Annotated Section 31-7-13
  • Return Materials Authorization form